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Holter Monitoring

A Holter Monitor is used to help the physician diagnose any potential arrhythmias of the heart during normal daily activities and during deep sleep at night.

Before showing up to the office for the test:

  • Do not apply any oils or lotions to the skin 24 hrs before the test
  • Please have a shower or bath as you will not be able to have another one until the testing is done, usually 48 hrs later.
  • You may wear your normal everyday clothes or business attire if needed

During the test:

  • An electrocardiogram or ECG may be performed at the start of the test
  • There will be 5 electrodes placed at specific locations on your chest and the holter monitor will be connected to them
  • The holter monitor will be worn continuously for 24 hrs or 48 hrs
  • You may go about your normal daily activities while wearing the holter monitor
  • While wearing the holter monitor if you have any cardiac symptoms such as chest pain/tightness, S.O.B., dizziness, palpitations you need to press the event button and record in the diary sheet provided to you what your symptoms were. This is very important as this can determine how the physician will treat you based on your test results.
  • While at home wearing the holter monitor you may refer to the diary sheet provided to you with regard to what you need to know about the monitor
  • Please return the holter monitor on time so as to not incur any late fees.