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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring takes numerous readings of your blood pressure over a 24 hr period. It provides accurate and reliable information and gives your doctor a true picture of how your blood pressure fluctuates over the course of an average day in your life.

This test is not covered by OHIP and a charge of $50.00 cash only, is payable at time of hookup. You will be provided with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance carrier should it be covered by them.

Before showing up to the office for the test

  • Do not wear a tightly fitting shirt

During the test

  • A Blood pressure check will be taken on each arm to check for your baseline reading
  • A blood pressure cuff is attached to your arm and is connected through a hose to an air pump which you carry in a pouch over your shoulder
  • The Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor is programmed to record a blood pressure reading every half hour during the daytime and every hour during the nighttime while you are sleeping
  • You may go about your normal daily activities while wearing the Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor
  • Out of courtesy , please return the monitor ON TIME as instructed, as others are waiting for their BP monitor testing as well. Otherwise a $50 late fee will be charged to you.
  • Return the monitor ON TIME to the front reception desk of APEX Cardiology where you check in